Donald Trump-shaped Ecstasy Pills Take Hong Kong By Storm

With America’s political climate going from bad to worse within a matter of years, other countries can’t help but poke fun at the controversy that the United States is perpetually mired in. Unfortunately, some are taking it too far. Hong Kong is a prime example.

Over the past couple of years, Hong Kong has seen a rapid incline in drug usage. More specifically, citizens are abusing ecstasy, a psychoactive drug known for its ability to alter sensations. Hong Kong officials reported that they seized over 30,000 capsules in the past four months alone. Officers are attributing the spike in MDMA intake to the Donald Trump-shaped ecstasy pills that are circulating the black market.

Much like it sounds, these MDMA tablets are shaped like the infamous Donald Trump. Complete with an orange tint and wispy hairdo, the resemblance is almost uncanny. As spot-on as the portrayal of the president is, it’s caused a massive surge in the popularity of ecstasy throughout Hong Kong. The most asinine aspect of all this is that dealers are marketing the drug with the following tagline: Trump makes partying great again.

While those indulging in the drugs find it comical, Hong Kong officials warn of the adverse effects of ecstasy. Most notably, the drug can precipitate dehydration, hyperthermia, and feelings of paranoia. In some cases, these symptoms can prove fatal. Hong Kong’s Narcotics Bureau is urging citizens to bring this insanity to an end, stating that most of the tablets they obtained were laced with dangerous compounds.

According to officials, locals aren’t the ones being targeted in this bizarre scheme. Tourists are the ones who dealers are preying on. In fact, a 51-year-old man visiting from the Bahamas was arrested while on his way to purchase a stash. Authorities have dubbed these individuals “foreign abusers.”

In the hopes of inciting fear, Hong Kong representatives are reminding citizens of the penalties of drug trafficking and manufacturing. The maximum penalty is a $5 million fine and life in prison. As the pills continue to trickle into other markets, more people are at risk of succumbing to drug addiction.